What To Ask Your Budtender At Caregivers For Life


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At Caregivers For Life, our clients come to us with all sorts of questions. And, we love that! Whether it’s your first time in our shop (or any dispensary) or you’re an experienced marijuana-user, typically there’s at least one question – or one problem – we can help solve.  


With so many new products and innovates methods of delivery, if you don't ask questions, you may miss out. We don’t want that to happen so here are five questions we recommend asking any budtender.  


What are your newest cannabis strains and products? 

Our Cherry Creek dispensary always has new strains and products to share. Don’t hesitate to ask about the latest and greatest and how, specifically, each product may help you. Some strains are more calming, while others are better suited to boost energy. Remember, we carry both THC and CBD infused products, so ask about the benefits of each.  


What are your personal favorite strains and products? Why? 

Our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates are well-versed in all the products we carry. At Caregivers, customer service is our top priority. So, our staff takes great pride in providing an exceptional customer experience. We work hard to make sure our all our clients leave happy with the best products for them. We’re happy to talk about any of products so you have a better understanding of what’s best suited for you.  


What makes your dispensary different from others? 

This question will help you get to know your dispensary. Some dispensaries focus on quantity – offering a wide range of products – while other focus on quality or niche strains and products. At Caregivers, we offer healing products that enhance your quality of life. We take a holistic view and recommend items that compliment your lifestyle. From Colorado Cannabis oil, to edibles and flower, we’ve got the finest products to help you live a healthy life.   


Are there any changes in cannabis laws I should know about? 

As the marijuana movement advances, so do laws. It’s hard to keep track of the ever-changing cannabis landscape. Let us help you. We stay up-to-date on cannabis law evolution in Colorado. Plus, we follow what’s going on in other states as well. And, we promise - if we don’t know the answer, we’re happy to help you find it.  


Where do your products come from? 

Most of us like to know where our food comes from. So, why not ask about the cannabis you’re using as well? Again, our staff and sales associates are well informed about all the products we stock. They know about each grower and the methods used to harvest and create the products you love. So, ask us! At Caregivers, we love to spread the good word about cannabis. Ask questions about grow process and conditions. The answers may help you determine your favorite growers, strains and products.  


At Caregivers For Life, we’re dedicated to providing quality products and great service. We offer a range of items from the best growers in Colorado. Visit us today to learn more about all we have to offer. Conveniently located on St. Paul Street in Cherry Creek, we’re open 8am to 9:50pm seven days a week. See you soon! 

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