What is Colorado Cannabis Oil (AKA Rick Simpson Oil)?


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What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Wondering what Rick Simpson (AKA Colorado Cannabis Oil) is? Rick Simpson (RSO) oil was named for the medical marijuana activist who created it. It’s a cannabis extract that has remarkable healing properties, especially as it relates to cancer. RSO is unique in that it typically more concentrated with THC than other extracts.  


Here are more details about RSO. 


What is Rick Simpson Oil? 

At its core, RSO is a highly concentrated cannabis extract with high levels of THC, plus other cannabinoids.  


Most commonly, CBD oil (a nonpsychoactive compound cannabidiol) is recommended for healing, but RSO contains much higher levels of THC. TCH is the compound responsible for euphoric feelings associated with marijuana and also offers its own healing properties.  


RSO should always be distilled from cannabis indica strains. These strains create a more subdued, relaxed state, which is key to assist healing. 


What else does RSO treat? 

As noted previously, RSO is best known as a treatment for cancer. However, RSO may also aid in the treatment in other conditions, including: 

  • high blood pressure 
  • infections 
  • chronic inflammation 
  • arthritis 
  • asthma 
  • drug addiction 
  • depression 
  • multiple sclerosis 


Does Rick Simpson Oil work? 

There is scientific research that suggests THC may be effective in treating cancer.  


For instance, a study in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics concluded that a combination of CBD and THC enhanced the effects of radiation therapy in mice. This appears promising, as it suggests that cannabis compounds might improve standard cancer treatment. 


Moreover, a case study in Case Reports in Oncology explored the use of cannabis oil in a young girl with cancer. She was terminally ill and had no success with standard treatment. Her parents chose to stop standard treatment and give her RSO instead. Sadly, the RSO appeared to mitigate her cancer, but the girl died of other complications unrelated to its use.  


This, of course, makes it hard to draw any firm conclusions about the effect the oil would have had on cancer cells in the long-term. 


Some cancers may respond better to cannabinoids than others. A review in the Journal of Pancreatic Cancer found that cannabis may be helpful as an additional treatment for cancers that involve cannabinoids, which are the cells in the body that respond to cannabis. One such cancer is pancreatic cancer. Research indicated THC and CBD helpful as a supplementary treatment for pancreatic cancer, and they urged the completion of more studies. 


A different review in Frontiers in Pharmacology studied the overall body of research into cannabinoids and their effects regarding cancer. The majority of researchers concluded the active compounds in cannabis effective in decreasing tumor growth. 


How Does RSO work? 

One of the most important healing zones of our bodies is the pineal gland. The pineal gland produces melatonin which is essential in fighting illness. In cancer patients, melatonin levels tend to be lower. Studies have shown that using cannabis increases melatonin levels. Colorado Cannabis Oil is extra concentrated, making it nearly 1000 times more effective. 


Where can I get Rick Simpson Oil? 

At Caregivers For Life! We are home to Colorado Cannabis Tears and Colorado Cannabis Oil Syringes. We’re currently the only infused product manufacturer in Colorado producing this in-demand miracle oil. 


We pride ourselves in providing the finest marijuana-infused products in the state. We extract our Colorado Cannabis Oil via a full plant extraction with food-grade ethanol. This extraction method yields the best finished product. This oil is also used in our Colorado Cannabis Syrup, a glycerin-based cannabis tincture. These products are available to both recreational and medical marijuana customers. They are available in syringes, capsules, and syrups. 

*In accordance with regulations, we cannot make health claims regarding our products. 

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