Top *Tips* For Sustainable Cannabis Use


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5 ways to embrace sustainable cannabis use.


Let’s talk sustainability. Sustainability is a complex and broad issue that touches every area of lives. It's no secret the earth has seen better days – and that’s putting it lightly. One thing we can all do is reduce our impact on the environment by avoiding products that disrupt ecological balance. In other words, we can try to make eco-friendly decisions every day. And, as cannabis users, a simple adjustment in our cannabis lifestyles can make a big difference. 


Not sure where to start? Here are five tips to become a more sustainable cannabis user.  


Recycle Product Packaging 

There can be a lot of waste from cannabis products. Things like plastic jars, plastic doob tubes, plastic wrap – all should be recycled whenever possible. But, remember, only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled (even if you put it in the recycling bin) so it’s best to choose products that come sans any plastic at all. Mother earth will thank you! 


Any paper from cannabis packaging can be recycle or composted depending on the item and your preference.  


Glass jars? Great news! Glass is 100% and infinitely recyclable. So, you can feel good about buying cannabis products in glass. You may even find ways to recycle or repurpose those jars on your own.  



Support Sustainability-Focused Cannabis Companies 

There are actually a lot of sustainably-minded cannabis companies out there, especially in Colorado. Support them! Remember that cannabis grown outdoors needs less electricity and fewer – valuable – natural resources to grow. Here, you have an opportunity to use your purchasing power to create demand for greenhouse or outdoor cannabis. It’s an easy and very effective way to prioritize sustainability.  



Don’t Use Earth Like a Trash Bin 

Believe it or not, people are still littering. Don’t be one of them! Improperly disposing of waste on land or water is awful for the environment (don't think it doesn’t matter). Here in Colorado – or anywhere really – flicking your roach outside could lead to major grass fires. Dumping your waste in water is a real danger to marine life. Plus, let’s not forget, cannabis can be deadly to pets and wildlife.  



Buy Clean Green Certified Cannabis 

“Organic” is a federally regulated term and because the USDA does not recognize cannabis as an agricultural crop, cannabis can’t be certified as organic. However, you can look for the Clean Green Certified label.  


The Clean Green Certified program verifies cannabis cultivated using sustainable, natural, and organically-based practices. For information on which cultivators and processors are Clean Green in your state, check the CGC website. 



Properly Dispose of Vape Batteries 

Sadly, there’s not currently a recycling solution for oily vape cartridges (outside of refilling). However, vape batteries can be recycled.  


Vape batteries contain lithium. These should not be discarded in the trash. Instead, use the internet to find the nearest battery drop-off location to you. This way you’ll avoid exposing plants or animals to any harmful materials from your batteries. 


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