Caregivers For Life: The Only Cherry Creek Dispensary


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As you know, at Caregiver’s For Life, we offer the best cannabis products and services – both medical and recreational, in the Denver Metro area. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the care they need and deserve. But what specifically sets our Cherry Creek dispensary apart? 


We pride ourselves in bringing you the finest marijuana products in Denver. 

At Caregivers For Life you'll find only premium-grade marijuana. We’ve sorted through the mess so you don’t have to. Our medical and recreational flower is soil-grown, flushed properly and cured to perfection. Everything we sell is pesticide, contaminant, and microbial free. In addition to superior flower, you’ll find top-of-the-line wax, shatter, live resin concentrates and infused edibles. 


We offer a wide range of medical and recreational products. 

Flower, oils, edibles and drinks, CBD products and topicals – we've got all that and more. We even have medical products for pets. Both our medical and recreational selections are carefully curated with you in mind. Some of our standout products this month are: 

  • Medical: Mary’s Medicinals CBC Compound 
  • Medical: Wana Gummies 
  • Medical: Mary’s Pet Gel Pen 
  • Medical: Amnesia Haze - 70% Sativa Flower 
  • Recreational: Whitewater Tea – 100mg 
  • Recreational: Dragon Original’s Black CBD Oil 
  • Recreational: Craft PHO Wax 
  • Recreational: Bruce Banner #3 Flower 


We’re always fully stocked with both recreational and medical Colorado Cannabis Oil. Also known as RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, Phoenix Tears

Our Colorado Cannabis Oil is derived via a full-plant extraction with food-grade ethanol. This alcohol extraction method brings you the finest quality Colorado Cannabis Oil on the market. The same oil is infused in our Colorado Cannabis Syrup, a glycerin-based cannabis tincture. These products are available to both our recreational and medical customers. We offer syringes, capsules, 30-day syringe supplies and syrups. 


We run specials all the time. 

Currently, our specials are...

Recreational: Birthday Deal – Get a Caregivers for Life Cakeball for just 1¢. Each ball contains 100mgs of THC and is available in Cookies & Cream, Snowy Buzz Balls, Pink Cannabliss, Strawberry Cannabliss, and Caramel Fuzz flavors.  

Medical: $25 1/8ths (Black and Orange dot). All Marijuana is soil grow & hand trimmed. 

Medical Member Benefits: Our Sign-over Special means $75 ounces for the duration of your membership (1 year, Black and Orange Dots), $85 Ounces on green dot strains for duration of your membership (1 year), 30% off cartridges, 30% off edibles, 20% discount on cannabis oil. 


We’re the only dispensary in Cherry Creek. 

That’s right! Caregivers For Life is the one and only Cherry Creek Dispensary. Conveniently located at 310 Saint Paul Street in Cherry Creek North, Caregivers For Life proudly serves Cherry Creek, Congress Park, Country Club and surrounding Denver neighborhoods. We’re locally owned and operated. 


Caregivers For Life is everything you need in a Cherry Creek dispensary. We offer quick, personable service, a variety of medical and recreational products, and premium cannabis products you can’t find anywhere else. Visit us today to take advantage of our specials. We look forward to welcoming you! 

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