Stoned Fruit Among Hot New Cannabis Trends


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One of the hottest trends to hit cannabis this year is a variety of cocktails called “Stoned” Fruit. These delicious drinks are quickly becoming very a popular summertime treat. 


Stoned Fruit 

While CBD-lased cocktails have been around for some time, this delicious concoction has recently gain notoriety for its unique and earthy flavors. Originally created by Mexican restaurant Gracias Madre in California, the Stone Fruit Cocktail is a delicious CBD-laced refreshment made with mezcal, an agave-based liquor similar to tequila, Aperol, a rhubarb liqueur with yuzu juice, apricot liqueur and muddled seasonal stone fruit. The secret ingredient? A CBD full-bodies CBD tincture with a natural skunky taste that pairs perfectly with the other ingredients in the recipe.  


CBD Benefits 

We go into plenty of detail about the benefits of cannabis in a number of other blogs posts, so it won’t be a surprise to our readers that adding CBD to your cocktails is thought to provide some real health benefits. Some common aliment CBD treats are:  


  • Pain. CBD has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It's the proffered cannabinoid for pain because it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects.  
  • Anxiety. Several studies have shown CBD is an effective treatment for anxiety. 
  • Insomnia. CBD is known to alleviate many of the physiological conditions that lead to insomnia.  


And, just to be clear, you don’t have to pair CBD with alcohol to reap the benefits. At Caregivers, we offer many products that work just fine sans spirits. However, mixing a cannabis concentrate with a delicious fruity drink like Stoned Fruit is a yummy way to take advantage of all CBD has to offer.  


CBD Cocktails 

If you don’t have an establishment near you that offers Stoned Fruit or a similar CBD-infused beverage, don’t fret! You can mix up your own right at home. Try these recipes and keep in mind you can always change these up to suit your own preferences. 


Apricot Smash: 

Simply muffle an apricot, nectarine or favorite stone fruit. Then, add agave nectar, lemon juice and bourbon. Finish with a few drops of cannabis oil, and you’ve got a delicious stoned fruit cocktail. For an extra smoky flavor, grill your stone fruit before muddling. The smokiness of the grilled fruit will pair perfectly with the flavors of most CBD oil. 


CBD Tropical Delight 

In a shaker, combine mezcal and CBD oil with coconut milk, pineapple juice and lime juice. Mix with ice and shake until cold. For extra flavor, add matcha green tea. The earthiness of the tea nicely compliments the lighter, tropical, flavors of the fruit.  


Cannabis Infused Vodka Cocktails 

A fun alternative to CBD oil is cannabis-infused liquor. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys the aroma of cannabis, but not the effects of THC or CBD. Humboldt's Finest now makes a cannabis-infused vodka that's getting easier and easier to find. Havana Beach in Rosemary Beach, Florida pairs this vodka with triple sec, lime juice, soda and local honey for a tasty treat that it’s easy to make at home. 


Today, only a handful of restaurants serve cannabis-infused cocktails like Stone Fruit. So, if you'd like to try these delicious creations, your best bet is to make them at home. At Caregivers For Life we’ve got the best selection of high-quality concentrates – like CBD oil – in Denver. Plus, we house an impressive assortment of other products like flower, edibles and glass. Visit us today for all your cannabis needs.  

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