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How Rick Simpson Oil works for cancer treatment and what patients have reported.

Cannabis has been the friend of mankind since times immemorial. For various reasons, many countries all over the world had banned it. But, with an increasing body of researches supporting the medicinal benefits of cannabis, more and more countries are legalising the use of cannabis for medical purposes. With the use of mainstream cannabis gaining popularity, there are also some people who say that unconventional cannabis treatments have done wonders for them. In this article, we shall see How Rick Simpson Oil works for cancer treatment.

Before jumping into the topic, let’s see what Rick Simpson oil actually is.

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson was actually an engineer in a Canadian hospital in the late 1990s. A hospital boiler explosion seriously injured him after which he suffered from dizziness and a ringing soun.d in his ears for years. Once, he happened to watch a documentary highlighting the medicinal benefits of Cannabis, which he requested his doctor to prescribe. When his doctor refused to do so, he somehow got hold of cannabis and tried it. He reported far better improvement in his conditions.

After many years, he also got cancerous boils on his hands. He applied concentrated cannabis oil to a bandage and kept his boils covered with it for some days. After a few days, the cancerous growths had actually disappeared.

After this, he started cultivating cannabis by himself and manufactured a special oil called Rick Simpson Oil. In spite of all odds, Rick Simpson continues to help people with his oil. This was the story of Rick Simpson Oil.

The Relationship between Cancer and Cannabis

With medical cannabis gaining popularity and many countries legalising it, many studies show that cannabis (or few compounds present in it) have healing qualities. There is a growing body of evidence which shows that cannabis can assist in treating ailments like epilepsy, cancer, etc.

A recent study also supports that Cannabinoids, compounds present in cannabis like cannabidiol and THC, help in treating various kinds of cancer like lung cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Rick Simpson made use of this quality of Cannabis and extracted oils high in THC at his home and gave them off to people who were in need. People started calling this Rick Simpson Oil.

How does it work?

Cannabis oil extracted from the cannabis plant is high in compounds like CBD and THC, along with a few other compounds. Many studies support the claim that these two compounds have some anti-cancer properties like preventing the reproduction of cancer cells (Anti-proliferative), preventing the formation of new blood vessels required by the cancerous cells (Anti-angiogenic), preventing the spread of cancer to other organs (Anti-Metastatic), inducing the self-destruction of cancerous cells (Apoptotic) and so on.

As in most medicines, using Rick Simpson Oil comes with its own precautions and side-effects. THC causes psychoactive effect even when used as medicine. Many people find this uncomfortable, but considering the positive aspects of the Rick Simpson oil treatment, it is up to the patients to decide.

How is Rick Simpson Oil Made?

Rick Simpson, who produces and gives away his miraculous oil for free, has not kept the recipe for preparing his oil a secret, nor is this recipe a rocket-science. It is completely different and less complex from the new dry ice hash recipe used to produce high-quality hash using dry ice.

All we would be doing here is to first put the dry cannabis plant material in a solvent and stir it for three minutes. Then drain the solvent. Put the plant material back into the bucket and repeat the same procedure. Then you need to discard the plant material. This extracts about 88-90% of the cannabinoid compounds.

Fill a rice cooker ¾ of its capacity with the solvent and keep on heating it at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. You can add the remaining solvent as and when the solvent in the cooker evaporates. Once the solvent is evaporated, a thick liquid is left back. This is the Rick Simpson Oil.

This recipe is very easy and you can always extract the Cannabis oil with almost the same effects as that obtained from weed dispensary.

Is it effective in treating cancer?

This has to be testified through the real-life experiences of people. In accordance with regulations, we cannot make health claims regarding our products.

Case #1 An eight-month-old baby gets cured of an inoperable brain tumour

This one tops our list because such a young baby cannot even be influenced by the placebo effect.  Dr William Courtney from the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine explains in this video how this happened. The video also features an MRI of the baby’s brain both before and after the treatment.

Case #2 Andy fights off Mesothelioma with the help of Rick Simpson Oil

Andy suffered from Mesothelioma and was near to his death, according to the doctors. Even his experimental drugs and clinical drug trials had stopped functioning. He could not even breathe properly and his health deteriorated day-by-day. His wife Ruth tried all that she could and there was one thing she hadn’t – Rick Simpson Oil.

Andy showed significant improvement in his health when she started giving him the Rick Simpson Oil and now, Andy is beaming with life again, thanks to his dear wife.

You can read more about the adventure of this couple more here on Asbestos.com.

So, this was the whereabouts of Rick Simpson Oil and how it may have a part in curing cancer along with some real-life incidents. This claim, however, lacks proper scientific and empirical evidence. Without any doubt, this area requires more and more research projects to confirm this correlation on firm scientific evidence. Let’s all join hands to make life easier for people who are suffering from immense pain and discomfort due to cancer.

In accordance with regulations, we cannot make health claims regarding our products.


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