Is THC infused Cannabis oil helpful in treating Dementia and Alzheimer?


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How THC infused Cannabis oil is helpful in treating Dementia and Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease affects many lives in American and the world over. Although a lot of research has been conducted on the subject, there is no cure found for it. However, recent studies have shown that cannabis could help a great deal in treating this illness. Many patients have reported relief in dementia and Alzheimer relief from marijuana use. In accordance with regulations, we cannot make health claims regarding our products.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, is a plant. Most often, its dried leaves, indoor auto-flowering seeds parts or resin are extracted by the new dry ice hash recipe and used to get high and make people feel happy and relaxed. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), Is one of the components present in cannabis that is responsible for invoking these feeling and cause different reactions in the body.

According to studies, marijuana plants have shown a positive outcome in treating conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems. In addition, it has also proven to relieve pain.

A very popular and commonly used form of cannabis medicine is cannabis oil or RSO. The cannabinoids that are found in cannabis is refined into oil. This makes a very useful and versatile medication that we generally consume in different forms.

Some of cannabis oil’s medical uses including relieving some types of pain and treatment of nausea that is part of chemotherapy.

Cannabis is commonly associated with providing relaxation, relieving chronic stress and dealing with depression.

Cannabis oil and dementia

A person with dementia can see visible improvement in his health and benefits from cannabis oil in the following ways:

· It lowers inflammation

· It brings down oxygen build up

· It works as a brain stimulant

· It reduces stress and anxiety

·Reduction in the decline of memory and other brain functions

Based on research conducted by researchers at California’s Salk Institute in the year 2017, their study clearly provided evidence that cannabinoids such as CBD & THC supported in removing dementia from brain cells.

However, the US Food and Drug Administration has not yet given the approval for a CBD or THC drug that can treat the condition of dementia.

In accordance with regulations, we cannot make health claims regarding our products.

Cannabis oil and Alzheimer

Patients suffering from Alzheimer tend to face very sudden and rapid destruction and decline of brain cells. In recent researchers conducted, CBD & THC has proven to stimulate brain tissue this restoring the lost cells.

In trials conducted clinically, CBD & THC has also shown positive results in possessing the capacity to reverse and also to a great extent prevent the development of negative impacts that Alzheimer may have on an individual’s health.

A study conducted in 2011 by two Australian researchers, Tim Karl and Carl Group showed that CBD & THC amplifies the growth and development of brain cells, that in turn results in reduction or prevention of decline of memory and other brain functions.

The main cause of Alzheimer’s symptoms is inflammation. The use of CBD & THC oil can keep this in check and even lower the inflammation.

Whenever inflammation takes place in the brain, it results in oxygen being released. If the inflammation is high, the negative impact associated with it also is high. The release of oxygen in the brain cells affects the important functions performed by the brain such as maintaining the memory.

In turn when there’s a memory loss or any other brain deterioration, it also indirectly results in the increase in oxygen levels in the brain. CBD & THC is a good antioxidant. It helps to fight problems that are linked to oxygen stress. Also, CBD & THC oil can be used to improve all the brain functions that are hampered and negatively impacted by oxygen stress.

In accordance with regulations, we cannot make health claims regarding our products.

How to consume THC infused cannabis oil?

Cannabis cooking oil can be found at the dispensary. It is most commonly mixed with either coconut oil or olive oil. It can be used for cooking, as consumption of the oil has been proven to be more effective than the bud itself since the oil allows the body to absorb all its vital components, or cannabinoids, much more easily, thus making the oil more beneficial than other forms of cannabis.

Patients tend to react differently to CBD & THC. But irrespective of how CBD or THC oil is consumed, medical professionals recommend that it is to be used by the patient for several weeks with a high dosage. This can range anywhere between 10 to 500mg per day.

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In accordance with regulations, we cannot make health claims regarding our products.

Written By: Nancy Fernandez

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