Denver 420 Tour Party Bus


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Using Transportation to Elevate your Dispensary Experience


Using a party bus or limousine to get around Denver is a great way to enhance your freedom! For those who enjoy using marijuana recreationally or medically, one of the more popular ways to enjoy a social outing these days is to check out local dispensaries. This city has experienced intense growth as far as the marijuana industry is concerned, so why not take advantage of it by enjoying it with your friends?


Caregivers for Life is a great place to start! This dispensary has been in operation since 2009 and offers both a private room for medicinal options as well as a large recreational room with a diverse selection for recreational customers.  It's located right outside of Denver in Cherry Creek at 310 Saint Paul St Denver, CO 80206, so it's a viable option for any local to consider when looking for a high quality source to get their favorite products. Make sure to stop into Caregivers For Life Dispensary for all your marijuana needs!!


There are many benefits to using professional transportation for a dispensary tour with friends! First, it's the safest route when you consider that you'll be using a mind altering substance. It's best to leave to driving to the professionals so you can focus on your experience with friends. With the flashing neon lighting and top notch stereo systems with sub woofers, it's easy to see why it's a great idea to have a party bus waiting for you! You'll feel immersed in the experience as you ride around with your favorite music playing! Plus, it's easy to enjoy finger food and drinks on board when you consider the cup holders and counter top areas in party buses.


While smoking policies vary from one transportation company to the next, using vapor pens to enjoy your newly purchased product is the easiest way to enjoy your favorite product on the road. Not only is it portable, but it doesn't leave the same lingering smell as a joint would. The city is at your fingertips with this type of transportation, so consider checking out some local shopping and dining options after ward. It will make for an unforgettable experience with your friends. For more information, head over to the website for this Denver 420 Tour Party Bus company.

Caregivers For Life Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary
310 Saint Paul St Denver, CO 80206

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