Best options of alternative treatments to treat cancer


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BY Bhupendra Shivedi

Best options of alternative treatments to treat cancer:-

1. Anticancer diet as per given diet plan in first/top post on this group. If patient follows this diet plan seriously his immunity will boost. Blood counts will remain in normal required range. Many do not follow regularly and ask what to do at last movement.

2.Canaabis oil of 50: 50 ratio of CBD : THC, OR OF MORE THC.

Cannabis doses:-

1 grain size drops 1/2 hr after breakfast

1 grain size drop 1/2 hr after lunch

1 grain size drop 1/2 after dinner.

Grain size means size of wheat or rice grain.

You have to increase 1 drop in three timings on every fourth day till you reach 7 drops three times.
To mix it with coconut oil or honey, as per patient's choice.

3. High Vitamin C Therapy through I.V. and Ozone therapy.
Generally both this therapies are given by ozone drs. You will have to find out the ozone drs in your area.

4. For weaker patient following vitamins are needed.
A. Vitamin C
1000 mg
thrice a day.

B. Vitamin E 250 mg twice a day

C. Vitamin B ( Becosule
Capsules) one or two a day

D. Vitamin D 60000 IU.
one capsule weekly.
you get packet of 4 capsules. Fix the day
of 1st dose and repeat the dose on the same
day of next week.
Write the day on

To get best vitamin D, patient should stay in sunshine betweend 10 to 11 a.m. with minimum cloths. But vitamin D capsule is suggested to those who are bedridden.

To stop vomiting the combination of Ondem 8 mg and Reglan 10mg is the best. Patient can take thrice a day if needed.

To increase albumin if it is less, white part of 2 to three eggs is the only option. Egg has 100% Albumin. If you hospitalize patient, Dr will transfuse albumin but it dose work for short period only. All cancers patients get this issue many time, specially in Liver and Kidney cancer more. If albumin is less patient may get swelling anywhere in body. it is a life threatening.

To stop bleeding of the stomuch, esophagus, Sucralfate syrup 5 ml four time a day is the best remedy. Many drs don't tell this. Why? I don't know. I tried all medicines told by Dr but only Sucralfate worked for my first patient, but it was late. If Dr would have prescribed this medicines earlier then that patient could have been saved.
Another medicine is tablet Pause 500 mg thrice a day.

In liver cancer jaundice mostly happens. If patient gets Jaundice because of liver cancer or due to Cirrhosis of liver by any issue or due to liver damedged by chemotherapy, following is the natural remedy to cure cancer and to improve liver profile.

You may not believe but jaundice due to cancer is not curable by drs. these Homeremedis may help. These all remedies should be done daily till jaundice is cured.
1. two tablespoon Juice of castor leaves twice a day
2. Liv 52 syrup
3. homemade Curd/Yoghurt one or two bowl a day
4. Juice of raw tomato one bowl.
5. Coconut water
6. Sugarcane juice.
7. Two tablespoon juice of bitterguard
8. Juice of spinach one bowl.

To detox the stomach and colon Pl try one by one. Not to try all at once.

1. Suppository to be inserted into rectum through anal.
2. Any laxative pill or any laxative syrup
3. Sukhasarak Vati made by Sharangdhar company of India.
4. Castor oil enema or enema given by drs.


Once patient gets ascities it is difficult to cure.
Tapping of fluid from stomach is the only way. For this one need to admit patient as and when fluid is generated in stomach. It is very difficult procedure. Some drs put shunt into stomach to drain fluid automatically at home. It gives lot of comforts to patient. But most of the drs don't do this. Why? I don't know.
In ascities following remedy helps, to be done on daily basis.
1. not to give water to drink at all.
2. Instead of water, to give buttermilk,coconut water, juices, curd/yoghurt.
3. Juice of bitterguard two tablespoon twice.
4. Chopped raw onion added by salt and lime juice.
5. Water of soaked fenugreek seeds.
6. massage of castor oil to whole abdomen twice a day.
7. To keep castor oil drops into Naval.
8.Half spoon dry ginger powder mixed with one teaspoon of honey.
9. 4 to 5 pinches of Asafoetida powder mixed with one teaspoon of honey.
10.Lastly insist or beg Dr to put shunt into stomach.

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