5 Cannabis Myths Debunked


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Truth be told, there’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to cannabis and cannabis use. That’s why we’re breaking down 5 common cannabis myths and outlining the facts instead.  


Myth #1: Pot smokers lack motivation 

This long-standing myth is actually baseless. Studies haven’t yet linked cannabis to laziness in a meaningful way. About 5-6% of the population seems to have severe difficulties with motivation and discipline, but research has not successfully tied it to marijuana use. So, are there are lazy stoners out there? Sure. But there are also lazy people who don’t use cannabis as well as and cannabis users who work really hard. Striking the right balance is important, of course, but there is plenty of experience to prove that using cannabis may lead to more creatively, artistic expression, and inspiration. 


Myth #2: The jury is still out on marijuana’s medicinal effects

After 20 years and 25 state-legalizations, it’s a little surprising that some people still believe marijuana has few – if any – legitimate medical applications. In reality, cannabis may be used to successfully treat a variety of health and medical issues. In fact, studies show that marijuana can alleviate symptoms related to AIDS, chemotherapy, certain cancers, and glaucoma. Cannabis may also improve certain debilitating seizure disorders. In short, marijuana is effective medicine for millions of people.  


Myth #3: Marijuana use leads to memory loss 

Okay, so cannabis can cause short-term memory loss upon ingestion. But these memories lapses wear off as soon as levels of THC decrease. 


Keep in mind that Marijuana does act on the hippocampus – an area of the brain responsible for information processing and memory function. Researchers have concluded that long-term memory loss is possible if marijuana is abused while the brain is still developing. So, excessive use of cannabis during adolescence could lead to cognitive impairment in adulthood. https://www.lifestyletopia.net/blog/marijuana-addiction-myths  


Myth #4: Cannabis isn’t as strong as it used to be 

This just isn’t true. According to associate professor Ryan Vandery, PH.D. at John Hopkins University, THC concentrations in today’s cannabis are way higher than they once were. “People who are good at plant biology have gotten into cannabis and selectively bred plants to be higher in THC.” 


However, this doesn't mean that everyone is getting higher than their parents did in the 60s. "Potency does not equal dose," says Vandrey. "That’s something people often get confused." In other words, cannabis users today might use less product to achieve the same high. https://greatist.com/play/myths-about-marijuana  


Myth #5: All cannabis and cannabis products produce the same effects 

Many believe there are only two species of marijuana plants: indica and sativa. We can’t all agree on whether or not that true, but for argument’s sake, let’s just say it is. Sativa is a tall plant with narrow leaves. It produces a cerebral, psychoactive effect, while indica is known for producing more relaxing and sedating feelings for users. But, it's tough to predict the exact reaction a person will have to ingesting each plant. 


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