Mary’s Medicinals THC / CBD Patches

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Amazing patches!! We have them in CBN for sleep, CBD for all the healing powers of CBD, THC activated for all the effects of THC, THCa a non active patch of THC-A with no psychoactive effects. A THC/CBD patch that is absolutely hands down the best!! Each patch lasts 12 hours. THCa - CBD - CBN Patches! Mary’s flagship product is the trans-dermal patch. Born out of the commitment for accurate dosing and the application of pharmaceutical grade delivery methods within the cannabis industry, Mary’s created the safest, most effective way to consume cannabis to date – trans-dermally. As the anchor to our regime, our patches are the primary source of relief with our other products used as an accompaniment. Our patches are 2×2 squares, easy to use, and adhere simply to any part of the skin. Offered in single dose packaging, we currently have six formulations; CBD, CBD:THC, THC Acid & CBN dosage and THC Sativa & THC Indica

$10 EA.
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