Marys Medicinal CBC Compound

CBC is the second most abundant in cannabinoid found in cannabis. Its positive attributes include fighting off bacteria and fungus, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, stimulating brain growth, and combating depression. Learning these great facts about CBC made me want to try this product that much more. Increases blood flow as well. It was time to put it to the test. I opened the jar and a greenish salve stared back at me. The smell of eucalyptus overtook my senses. There is something so soothing about that scent. I proceeded to rub the compound on every sore spot on my body, my back, my foot, and my knee. It has a really nice feel to it once you warm it up in your hands, and leaves your skin feeling really smooth, but not too greasy once it’s rubbed in. After a couple minutes of having rubbed it in, I felt a soothing tingle and the pain slowly melted away. This product has been permanently added to my pain relief arsenal.

$50 EA.
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